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Welcome to TAIRUA! An amazing hamlet on the Coromandel peninsula. The Cormandel has every thing you could ask for a destination that has it all. Stunning beaches, "some even have thermal geysers under the sand to make your own hot tub". Lots of hiking and tracking trails in by far some of the most surreal forests. An anglers dream, from trout fishing the sparkling rivers and streams, to catching the big snapper right off the beaches, or boating off the coast to the many great fishing spots among the scattered islands groups. Some of the best scuba diving I've ever done anywhere on the planet. Magical and romantic vineyards to seek out and fill your pallet with some of New Zealands finest wines. And world class surfing. The list just goes on & on. I cannot say enough great things about this area of New Zealand.

View off the deck of Chateau Studneski

Im getting ready to rip up the waves! WOW what a blast!

One small view of the main street of Tairua

Local Surf Club. And some surfer girls.

Chateau Studneski- Coolest Accommodation in Tairua, Owner's were still working on it but ever so friendly.

Stunning Tairua beach

Luna the beach girl and her sand art project

Local surfer dog "MAJOR"

Airshow over Chateau Studneski

View of the Alderman Islands

MILUNA in the harbour

Local captain arriving at the stunning harbor

My Lady taking time to show off the amazing summer flowers in full bloom

Local soundings near township

Cool drive into Tairua

The near by Hot water beach. Dig your own hole in the thermal sand and the boiling hot water filled it up and presto you have your own private hot tub.

Looking down the Tairua river and Paku hill

Hanging out with the famous band members from "Portigual the Man" near Tairua

Skipper island

Tail gating at the estuary

Wood Pigeon

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Tahiti - Moorea Island

sunny 88 °F

Tahiti, who ever says Tahiti is not one of the most outstanding Island groups in the world, then they are insane. Tahiti is a wonderful playground. The only thing though is it is very expense no matter what Island you go to, you will pay a premium for everything. But I felt that even though it was more expensive then I would have like to pay. It still is a very enchanting place.
The French Polynesians are ever so friendly and I really loved how genital they are. Not one time did I hear or see any one who was aggressive and abusive. Very nice place indeed!

Miss L & I on the ferry ride over to Moorea

The amazing bungalows over the water we stayed in. Great way to enjoy watching all sorts of tropical fish, sharks, rays swim right by us as we sat of the balcony sipping on fine french wine while watching the sun set .

Photo from the pool side bar toward the bungalows.

Local fishing boat.

Now I had to rent this car and go for a spin around the Island, what fun it was to be driving local art!

Nice back drop from our sailing expedition.

Rum and sailing does go well when you are in paradise on a beautiful boat, trying to get out of a hammock while drinking a rum is another story.

Our captain and I driving around the harbor in his dinghy drinking the local nectar.


The nicest ass I have seen on our trip!

My favorite shower ever.

A jet skiers haven.

Hanging at the beach it was time to get a bit creative.

MILUNA- what a boat we had soooo much fun on it.

A brids eye view.

Just stunning scenery.


Next stop New Zealand!

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Samara is a very laid back town on the pacific side of Costa Rica. It is well worth the journey. If you don't want the crowds (like in Tamarindo) and would like to relax and enjoy the splendor of the old Costa Rican hospitality then this is the place to go.

Now thats hanging 20! Local surfer hitting the waves with his dog.

Horse back riding and Kayaking both great fun to explore the land and sea of the area.

Getting back from a great ride down the beautiful Samara beach

I did exactly as the sign said. The local rum was the nectar of the GODS. And the next day the gods reminded me that i'm only mortal.

This is how a great beach should be, not many people and lots of vegetation with out the hotels crowding the beach.

The girls doing a bit of Yoga to hit nirvana.

Now the party's started on the beach.

Our local surf hangout

Miles pooped after a 2 hour surf lesson

Luna & I riding in the same wave

2 bikini babes in the surf

Little L hagin out in her high chair

Enjoying the local cuisine

The local fishing boat, the only one in Samara.

Mr. Butterfly

The casa we stayed in.

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One of the greatest things about Alaska in the summer is that you can stay up late into the night and it is still light out well into the early hours of the morning.
The land of the Midnight sun!!! Taking a boat ride at 12 am in the morning at Big Lake Alaska.

When the fisherman are heading back into port at Seward, they tend to gut and clean the Salmon and toss the remains over board, thus is why even motoring at 10 knots the sea gulls are always ready for a free meal.

When there is no snow on the ground one way to keep your sled dog fit in the off season, is to train them whilst being pulled on a skate board.

One way to find some amazing views and wild life in Alaska is to head off into the remote wilds on a four wheeler, upon this day we drove 15 miles into a valley less traveled to see what we could see.

Once deep into the hidden valley we came across this amazing pond and stunning scenery.

Castle mountain, found near Sutton, very impressive mountinan.

We took a float trip down the mighty Kenai river, to try our luck at landing some Salmon along the way down we got got to do some fishing with some others have a look below.

As we were fishing this young brown bear decided that he wanted to try and get an easy fish off the lines of the fisher men. He did not get so lucky but he sure did make everyone scatter out of the river onto the banks of the river to safety.

Mr brown bear trying to catch some fish.

On our float trip down the Kenai river we counted 16 bald eagles. As the salmon are running the concentration of Eagles and bears is very high along the rivers of Alaska.

Luna up and close to Exit Glacier in Chugiak National Park

Stefanie taking time to smell the flowers in Cooper Landing.

A young Moose making his way through the low lands of Girdwood.

Stafanie learning how to drive a Jetski, dont forget to turn!!!!!

Enjoying myself at Big Lake, the best part of this is that since the sun was up till 12 am I was able to get in far to much riding then expected, every muscle in my body was screaming by the end of the night, but what a great place to jet ski, the scenery of the clear lake & abundance greenery with Denali mountain as your back drop! I DO LOVE ALASKA!!!!!

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semi-overcast 71 °F

Home! After a 10 year absence it has been great to be able to finally show my family the wonders and treasures that Alaska has to offer.
Grayling Fishing in Cantwell

This is what you call combat fishing in Alaska. We were trying to catch some King Salmon but after awhile it was to hard for there was about 50 people standing next to each other trying to catch the same fish. :)

Lazy Mountain in Palmer

Hiking the 5 hours trek up Lazy Mountain into bear country

I found the Bears

Pioneer Peak

There are lots of Moose in Alaska so you always need to be on the look out while driving

Momma & Baby Moose

Flying over the caribou heard

I was trying to sneak up on the Caribou but they figured me out before I could get close

To get up to base camp on Denali Mountain you will need to fly on this type of plane.

Denali Mountain. The highest mountain in North America

A great way yo get around Alaska

Local LOON

This is your typical Alaskan cashe. This is where you need to store your food or the bears will break into your cabin and eat your provisions and maybe even you if your are not so lucky.

Alaskan Espresso cabin????

When hiking you need to put your gum some where. KEEP ALASKA GREEN!

Gourley, the sled dog

Luna riding a 1962 Tuly Trooper up the mountain road

When hanging out in Big Lake Alaska my friends seem to never have enough toys to play with. :)

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Niragra Falls, Upstate New York & Portugal the Man

While basking in the sun in Upstate New York we went for a quick trip to Niagara Falls.
Niagara Falls is 51 Meters tall and consists of 3 waterfalls between USA and Canada

Niagara Falls

Looking down the river with Canada on your left and USA on the right.

Close up to the falls

Hiking in upstate New York at Green Lakes

Going for a good old Row Boating adventure


Miles backstage in Buffalo New York with John Gourley, Lead singer of Portugal the Man. Miles was stoked! John gave him and all access pass for the concert.

Hanging backstage with Portugal the Man right before their Buffalo concert

Enjoying the show of Portugal the Man in Buffalo NY

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Civil War Reenactment- Upstate New York- USA

While visiting Upstate New York we came upon this civil war reenactment in Peterboro NY. Now Peterboro NY is a very small hamlet of a town in Madison County, its fame comes from one man named Gerrit Smith that resided in Peterboro. Mr. Smith played a significant role in starting the Civil War, Smith was a strong advocate and fundraiser for the Union causes, and an influential leader in anti-slavery efforts. Smiths support of John Brown caused a direct ignition of the Civil War.
For two decades the Peterboro encampment has demonstrated many aspects of military and civilian life in the mid-1800s. Each summer, on the second weekend in June, the smithfeild Community Association and the town of Smithfeild hold the annual Civil War Weekend, and we we made the final show, it was a lot f fun to watch the Reenactment as the men portrayed the daily struggles of the war.

An old recruitment poster of the Civil War

The Camp

Union forces have the first shot

Confederates loading weapons upon Union forces advancements

Union forces on the move

Union Forces Sniper gets shot down and local women soothes him on his lats breaths

Iceland - NY 192

Iceland - NY 192

Young scared confederate sniper reloading upon the advancement of union soliders

Conferadiates do a blitz upon the Union and overtake them and victory is theirs this day.

Union forces Surrender this day to the Confederates

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The land of Fire and Ice. Iceland landscape is utterly amazing, from steaming thermals, active volcanoes, crazy rock formations, tons of waterfalls, quirky locals and abundance of sea birds.
As we sit in the Blue Lagoon thermal spa, we put volcanic mud on our faces, after our soak we had such beautiful skin from sitting in the healing waters & mud.
As I left the Lagoon I was asked by some local girls if I was the famous American actor, "Woody Harrelson". Of course I had to tell them the truth, that I was, & I signed some autographs for them. :) I love Iceland!

The Blue Lagoon Spa.

One of the many stunning waterfalls

Icelandic landscapes with the famous Icelandic horses.

Traditional Viking ship

Viking ship defenses

Crazy looking church

Local graffiti art

Local coffee shop in downtown Reykjavik


The mighty volcano

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Reims - Champagne extravaganza

overcast 70 °F

3 days of Champagne tasting around Reims, I now have a new appreciation of how much care and process it take to make just one bottle of Champagne. Of course the more tasting I had, the more I was trained to tell the huge differences in the meticulous blending of of each individual types of Champagne.
And let me tell you I had my fair share of tastings! So as far as I'm concerned I'm a bit of an expert now. So on your next Champagne party I am more then willing to drop in and taste and inform all of your party guest of all the intricate delicacies of fine champagne drinking. ( For a small fee payed in bubbley of course)! :)

The evolution of Pommery Champagne

Down in the Chalk caves of the Pommery cellar, I was allowed to explore the 18 kilometers of underground tunnels that were filled with over 2 million bottles sitting in the fermenting process.

One of the many caves filled with the fruit of the gods.

The house of Pommery Champagne. With the 3 million in yearly sales I guess one can built a small castle for the show room. The cost of the average bottle of Pommery was 30 euros. You can do the math to figure that this is a very lucrative business that is alive and well. World recession, Not here at Pommery.

Once you drink tooo much of the nectar of the gods one can watch an elephant stand up straight upon its trunk.

One big as barrel of G.H. Mumms.

The bigger Barrel of Pommery

Trying to get away with a 1000 euro bottle of Cazanova champagne

The fermenting process of how in each stage the bottle must be hand spun and set in a different position until the final process has been achieved.

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The one thing I love the most about visiting Cologne is knowing that there are 24 Brewery's to drink the best beer in the world.
Kolsch of course.
Every time I visit Cologne I tend to fall in love with a new Kolsch that I did not try on the last visit. This trip I was loving the Gaffel Kolsch.
As I was sneaking away every night to the local pub to "sip on my Gaffel", I had some great conversations with the local German Kolsch drinkers. One of the the little facts that they were always proud to tell me was that in Germany there is over 5000 different brewed beers in production.( But everyone of them stated that KOLSCH is by far the best beer in Germany). So for those of you who enjoy great beer Germany is the place to tantalize your beer taste buds.
And after toooo many Gaffel's one thinks he is a Viking!

Luna using her brain figuring a way to keep me from hanging out with Einstein & Gaffel

One can not be in Germany and not eat copious amounts of Sausages

Loving the street party's

This is my Dream van, tried to make an offer but he loved his van way too much to part with it.

Down by the river Rhine, part of the old city center of Cologne

Watching the womens German soccer finals. Wolfsburg won.

Having some fun in the local Soccer cage

Hahnentor Gate. In 1804 Napoleon 1 marched through this 13th century gate

Augustusburg Palace. Clemens Augustus of Bavaria had this 18th century Palace built to try and keep the Peace between the French and Prussians. He built it with their money and held huge partys to keep them happy. Nice GIG huh!

On the Grounds of Augustusburg Palace


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Asterix Park -France


Amazing Asteix Park! WOW what a park, by far the best Amusement park I have been to yet. I highly suggest this park for all!

Learning the moves.

Luna & I hangin with the Asterix gang.

Standing in line for the wildest roller coaster ever.

On the wildest roller coaster ever!

The legion is back.

Miles has filled the big shoes.

In the park.

Leave with a smile.

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Artsy Fartsy Paris

semi-overcast 60 °F

Paris, how much time do you have? Our 5 days were not even close to enough.
As far as I can see it would take a lifetime to see and explore all of the sites and immerse yourself into all of the history and culture here.
Not to mention the gastronomy.
I gained about a pound a day, eating twice as much as usual and feeling my tongue swell to the over indulgence of exquisite vintage French red wine while bits of brie cheese were stuck in my teeth. The best part was having inebriated conversations with sober French people whilst probably spraying small bits of that cheese out of my teeth upon them, but since I could not understand them, I would assume that the reason they were smiling at me and speaking in their local tongue insulting me gracefully was that I depicted the typical American tourist. But I did not care for on the most part the French are very friendly folk and I was happy to drink as much of their wine and eat as much of their cheese until I hit NIRVANA!
If I was to live in France I would be fat and happy till I died of a heart attack. ( But not a bad way to go :) )
I was a regular at this establishment. I was tagged on the first night the Idiot American. I had given the waiter a $10 euro tip. But every night after that the service was great and the drinks got bigger and bigger. (HA! Who is the Idiot now?)

Hanging at the Rouge with Miles.
At Tid bit for ya, the Moulin Rouge building has been in operation since 1889. The area was once coverd in vineyards, and dotted with windmills for making flour. People came to this area for the wine (HA, JUST LIKE ME) and stayed in the country ins that competed for guests by putting on dance shows called "Cabarets". Today the Moulin Rouge (red mill) is the the only one left.

The Arc de Triomphe
As I stand in front of most of the Arc, I had to laugh for it is also called by the French Arc de too late. For the late Emperor Napoleon orderd an arc of triumph be built to commemorate his victories in battle. Trouble was that his vision was so big that it took 30 years to build. By the time Napoleon had been kicked out of France the royals were back in power. Luckily King Louis-Philippe did not hold a grudge and eventually he allowed the arch to be completed. The Arch also stands in the middle of the Palace Charles de Gaulle, which itself is in the center of the worlds largest traffic roundabout- called the greand Axe- where twelve avenues meet.

So since I mentioned the wee man Napoleon it is fitting to have a look at his Tomb.
Safely tucked away is the body of Napoleon inside this coffin. Opps did I say coffin, I ment his body has been placed into 5 separate coffns and then been put inside the tomb. The tomb is kept in a chapel that is part of a museum called Les Invalides.
I Guss they might be worried that he might get out and start another revolution.

Enjoying the park around the Eiffel Tower with my sweet heart.
The view from the top is fabulous. It stands at 1063 ft. (about as high as a 80 story building) It took 2 years to put the 18,038 pieces of wrought iron together, starting works in 1887 and completed 1889.

The Notre Dame Cathedral beats out the Eiffel Tower as the largest tourist destination in France. There are storeys among the priests that the ghost of the Hunchback bell ringer is still haunting the Cathedral.

Of course you can not visit Paris with out a local artist drawing you.

When Paris fell to the Prussians in 1871, many Parisians saw it as a sign they were being punished for not having lived decently in the eyes of God. To make up for their sins, and to honour those who died, they built the Sacre-Coeur.

Our attempt of fitting in on the Paris art scene.

Whent for a visit in the Pere Lanchaise Cemetery to say HI to Jim Morrison. Even in death Jim gets no peace, for his grave is the most visited gave in the Cemetery. Also recently they have had to put a fence around his grave to keep people from doing all sorts of interesting things on it. Also during the peak tourist season Mr Morrison has his own personal guard to keep the wild visitors from doing the things they should not be doing. But even with all this security, Jim still has plenty of beers and other assorted "fresh offerings" upon his grave.

One of the many street performances we saw.

Stunning Museum, that was converted from an old railway station.

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Fantastic Finland

semi-overcast 8 °F

A weekend in Finland, what a outstanding country. Our wirl wind tour of 4 days was A blast would like to have seen more, maybe next time.Whats_up_doc.jpg
Wood pecker looking having a look at why I was hanging out by his tree.


Miles got to have his 16th Birthday at the Hermens house.

Old Bridge

Nice peacefull forest area

Time for fishing

Nice job stacking the wood for the winter

Hangin out in the local bar and having a drink with Angus

And to finish up the trip a nice day at the spa

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Romantic Avignon France

semi-overcast 69 °F

Walking around Avignon taking in the 5000 years of History, it is quite an enchanting place.
Avignon was once the capital of the Cavare tribe, then a Phoenician trading post, then an thriving city under the roman rule.
As the choice of the papacy in XIVth Century Avignon became the capital of the Christian world, drawing the best architects and artists who left their influence, changing the face of the city forever.
The Palace of the Popes. This was the home of Sovereign Pontiffs in the 14th Century.

Local hero, and guardian of the Palace of the Popes.

A real working, draw bridge on the Saint-Benezet bridge

Beautiful Park on the top of the town

Luna the warrior princess has returned

Theatre Antique D'Orange. One of the best preserved roman theatres left on the planet. This Theatre still hosts, concerts and plays.

The Triumphal Arch of Orange. This Arch was built around 27 BC. To show of the victories of the roman empire.

This little guys shure knows how to dress to look so French

I am like scrat off of the Ice Age Movies. I have found my acorn love.
Yes I drank as much as I could at this vineyard, for how often do you get to drink, Clos De L'Oratoire Des Papes, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, I am in HEVEN!

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Manaco - Glitz, Glamour, & Cars

overcast 72 °F

OK we have arrived in the one spot on the planet that has more billionaires and millionaires then anywhere else on the planet. I'm a bit taken back by the amount of wealth that some people have. But I do have to say that this town is full of fun.
The first thing I noticed as I came out from the train station, dragging my ratty backpack, was a Ferrari zooming by on the street, oh then a Lamborghini, oops there goes a Bentley, now a Maserati, wait was that shitty little fiat behind that Austin Martin, am I dreaming, nope just in Monaco.
Nice place for my yacht for the summer.

The Famous Monte Carlo casino, yup lost $10 euro in here, but loved having a drink at the bar pretending I was BOND MIKE BOND!

Stand back, the new MIKE BOND is here to save the day.

Luna managed to squeak in to meet this famous Russian Model at the car show. She even gave her an autographed poster.

Poor old Prince Albert's castle he lives in. Must be rough living quarters.

Changing of the guards at Prince Albert's pad.

Just another rich guy getting ready to race around the streets of Monaco

The one beach in Monaco.
As I walked down to sit on the beach I was asked for a $10 euro note by a guy who was trying to charge me to sit on this beach. When I refused I learned that the 500 cops that are on Albert's pay roll can be quite intimidating if you don't pay your money to have this privilege to sit on this little stretch of sand. In the end I declined and went and drank a $15 euro beer at the bar instead.

I felt like Clive Cussler, charterer (Dirk Pit) when I was allowed to paly in this beauty.

Miles asked me if I could buy him this car.

To sum it up, Monaco is definitely for the Ever so Rich and Famous.

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